v1.0.157 - last updated on 2024-7-7

Data Processing Addendum

Task Venture Capital GmbH can provide a DPA for clients that are using our products either through or direct contract.

How it works

In order to get a signed a DPA with us, you have to sign our DPA first. Once we receive the DPA signed by you, we will check wether you are a client of ours. Given you are a client of ours, we'll sign the DPA from our side. Please make sure that the email you use We use as e signature platform, which is eIDAS compliant.

The DPA may be updated from our side at any given time through a simple notification here. You are required to check for changes on a regular basis here. We will attempt to deliver the notification to your Email Inbox, and also diplay a notification upon sign in on one of our webplatforms. However that is NOT mandatory for us and it is within your own obligation to check here for changes. Changes will be made public at least 48 hours in advance.

Prepare the DPA

To prepare the DPA signing process you need JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. You should then be able to start the DPA signing process below.

General notes: