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Cookie Policy

for Lossless GmbH and its products

About the contents of this document

This document outlines the different ways in which Lossless GmbH uses cookies and similar technologies across its websites and services.

Definition of cookies

Cookies are data packages that can be stored in a browser on a computer browsing a website on behalf of that website. The data can be used for different purposes by the operator of the website. This includes strictly functional purposes that are not necessarily resupplied to the website but also purpuses like tracking and advertising services by the website

Technologies that work similar to cookies

This document also governs technologies that have similarities to cookies. This similarity is the storage of data on devices of users using services and Websites by Lossless GmbH. Namely those technologies are:

Cookie levels

We distinguish between 4 levels of cookies:

Level 1: Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are needed to ensure the intended behaviour of website features. They are stored on the clients device and only transmitted back to the website's server for user authentication.

Level 2: Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are stored on the device of the user and transmitted back to the server for analytics such as error reports and overall stability of the website or app. This level also includes cookies from Level 1.

Level 3: Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies include cookies stored for marketing reasons. This can be used to personalize offerings and solutions shown to the website server. This level also includes cookies from Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 4: All cookies

All cookies include cookies from Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. This level explicitely also includes third party tracking cookies. Most third party cookies used at Lossless GmbH are listed within this document.

Cookies that we use at Lossless GmbH

The following third party services used at Lossless GmbH may store cookies on your device:

General notes: